Making good goals for the new year

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. All too often, people make resolutions for the year, with big intentions and a heart-felt commitment to achieve their goals, but then after a few months the passion fizzes and the resolution fades away. I’ve been guilty of this so many times in my life.Continue reading “Making good goals for the new year”

Grace for those who are imperfect but redeemed

My wife tells me often that I’m a great dad, that I’m a great husband, that I do a good job of taking care of things, that she appreciates me. I have to admit that I don’t always agree with her. I often struggle to see my own “goodness” even when she makes a pointContinue reading “Grace for those who are imperfect but redeemed”

Kids: Let Them Be Who God Made Them To Be

My son is 9. He’s still discovering his interests and skills. He’s a smart kid. He’s gifted in many areas. There are things that he enjoys and abilities that he’s developing. This is all a part of the normal process of growing up. There are also things that he just isn’t into very much, andContinue reading “Kids: Let Them Be Who God Made Them To Be”

3 Principles for Understanding Our Purpose and Calling

“God didn’t just stumble across your life and decide to use you.” This is a quote from my pastor’s sermon from this morning, as he talked about the calling that God has placed on all of our lives, and the fact that none of us has been forgotten when it comes to God unfolding HisContinue reading “3 Principles for Understanding Our Purpose and Calling”

Viewing Enjoyment as Worship

I have come to greatly enjoy the art of fly fishing. I call it an art, because I’ve learned that it involves way more than just tossing a hook into the water and waiting for a fish to grab it. Fly fishing involves a technique that needs to be finely tuned and practiced. It mayContinue reading “Viewing Enjoyment as Worship”