Since 2008 I have worked and served in the “people business” – in the areas of juvenile justice, family counseling, at-risk youth, and education. I am currently completing a graduate counseling degree, with the goal of becoming a professional counselor in 2022.

I’m John Guerrero and I’m passionate about helping all people to find the help they need to transform their lives.

I’ve been working with people of all types for the last thirteen years, in many different capacities. Through the years, I’ve discovered my true passion and purpose – to encourage, motivate, and equip people to live more fully and to discover real change.

I’ve learned that none of us are put together perfectly. We all have some brokenness lingering in our lives, keeping us from the abundant and thriving life that God wants for us. My God-given purpose is to help people – of all ages and backgrounds – to discover their own potential and the lives that they can experience when they overcome their struggles.

How Do I Achieve This?

YouTube channel
Each week I post a new short video offering insight, teaching, or encouragement about some aspect of living a better life – handling emotions, dealing with stress, raising kids, maintaining healthy boundaries, or finding your purpose in life.

My first devotional book Living a Transformed Life, will be available Summer 2021. Sign up below to receive email updates and announcements!

My blog is where I post updates, stories, and articles featuring tips and strategies. Stay tuned several times a week to keep up with the latest posts! Or, you can sign up to receive updates in your email inbox. The subscription form is below!

Coming in June 2021! I will be releasing a podcast episode every week, which will feature a short talk about living an abundant life and overcoming struggles, or a conversation with a friend in which we discuss our own experiences.

My Core Values and Beliefs

All People Have Dignity

I believe in unconditional positive regard for all people, meaning that all people – regardless of age, background, past experiences, race, ethnicity, or preference – are worthy of the same type of help and compassion. All people were created in God’s image and, therefore, have inherent value.

Love Brings Change

I believe that compassion and love have the power to begin the change process with anyone. At their core, most people have the desire to feel loved and to belong. Once relational security is made evident, trust is built. And with trust comes the potential for transformation. I choose to love all people, but am especially passionate about loving those who have long felt unloved by the world around them.

The Heart Comes First

I don’t believe in simple behavior modification. Attempting to change a person’s behavior without first addressing what’s inside is futile and leads to relapse. My own change journey began with the heart – realizing what was broken inside of me, and addressing the thoughts, feelings, and experiences that led to my behaviors. I believe that helping a person to see what’s inside of them that needs fixing is the first step in leading them to lifelong transformation.

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