About Me

My name is John. I’m just a normal guy who lives in small town in Texas with my wife and three kids. I write about the things I care about – the Christian life, the Bible, the church, and the things that keep us from living the way that God wants us to.

I love coffee, music, languages, knowledge, the church, family outings, fishing, craft beer and a good glass of wine and I believe all of these things are gifts from the Lord. My desire is to enjoy the life God has given me, while also fulfilling and carrying out my God-given calling in a way that leaves a lasting impact on the world.

I went to college to become a Pastor, ut then graduated without any church job prospects. So I started a career with at-risk youth that has lasted for 13 years now. I’ve worked as a probation officer, a mentor, a counselor, and now as a high school teacher. I’ve also served in the church as a children’s and youth minister and then as a pastor for 4 years. Through all those years of experience I’ve learned some very important things:

  • All people have been created in God’s image and have dignity and worth, but all people also have a sinful nature that leads to all sorts of problems. The heart needs to be corrected before the head can, and this change begins with the gospel.
  • We have all been uniquely created by God with certain gifts, skills, abilities, and talents. For those of us who belong to Him, He wants us to carry out those callings and use those gifts to honor Him and bless others. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring my own set of gifts. Now, I want to be ambitious about fulfilling my potential in a way that impacts others.
  • A relationship with Jesus means that we have been made new. This newness is instantaneous, but throughout our lives we still wrestle with the residue of sin. As we walk along with the Lord, we need constant refining and reshaping. When we submit to Him and choose to follow His ways, great things happen in us and we become the people He wants us to be.

My hope is that these beliefs and convictions will be revealed even ore through my writing and my work. My prayer is that God will use me to motivate others to folow Him more closely and more passionately. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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