Finding Freedom in the Gospel

The Gospel is not just a section of the Bible.

It isn’t just a story you read about in church.

The Gospel is a message. It’s a truth. It’s a living reality.

It is the message that Jesus died in order to set us free from sin and hell and even from ourselves.

The Gospel is a story of rescue. Because of faith in Jesus and a relationship with Him, you and I can be rescued from all the broken parts of our humanity.

And we all know that there are lots of broken parts in our humanity.

Believing and receiving this gospel – this good news – is something transformative and life-changing.

When we know that we are accepted by God because of Jesus, that the brokenness in us is forgiven and is being healed, that we have been rescued by His love and don’t have to worry about fixing ourselves, THIS changes everything.

That Gospel sets us free from the need to change ourselves, because we learn that Jesus wants to come inside of us and change us from within.

It sets us free from the need to be perfect, because we quickly discover that we never can be, but that God is working on us to make us more like Him. And only HE can do that work.

The Gospel sets us free from the need to make our lives what we think they need to be, because we learn how liberating it is to surrender our lives to God and let Jesus live through us.

The Gospel sets us free from this compulsion to perform in order to please God or to please others, because through the Gospel we find out that Jesus already did what needed to be done in order for God to be pleased with us.

God looks at us through the lens of His Son and He. Is. Pleased. With. Us.

Believing the Gospel sets us free from the unnecessary work of being better. Self-help books and exhausting efforts at improving our humanity become unfruitful and unimportant, because we learn through the gospel that we can never make our own selves good enough. And our version of good enough will always fall short of God’s version of perfection.

So, in the gospel, we find rest, and we find the permission to simply BE and to be loved and accepted for who we are.

The Gospel reminds us that Jesus loves us just the way we are but He wants to grow us and change us. And because of our relationship with Him, that becomes possible.

The Gospels sets us free. Not just a little, but wholly and entirely.

Who among us doesn’t want that liberation and freedom?

Published by John Guerrero

I'm a follower of Jesus, a husband, and a father of three. I love helping people and I'm passionate about experiencing abundant and full life in Christ. In the last twelve years, I've served as a mentor, a pastor, a counselor, and an educator and I'm driven every day by a calling to impact the world with compassion and purpose.

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