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I’m John Guerrero – a follower of Jesus who is passionate about three things: learning and teaching God’s Word, helping people overcome their most difficult obstacles, and motivating the church to deeper discipleship. Thanks for browsing my writing!

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Kids: Let Them Be Who God Made Them To Be

My son is 9. He’s still discovering his interests and skills. He’s a smart kid. He’s gifted in many areas. There are things that he enjoys and abilities that he’s developing. This is all a part of the normal process of growing up. There are also things that he just isn’t into very much, and…

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Viewing Enjoyment as Worship

I have come to greatly enjoy the art of fly fishing. I call it an art, because I’ve learned that it involves way more than just tossing a hook into the water and waiting for a fish to grab it. Fly fishing involves a technique that needs to be finely tuned and practiced. It may…

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